Graphic Image New York

eCommerce Site Design and Email Marketing.

In 2008 Graphic Image New York Launched their first e-Commerce website. A small company with big ideas, much of its recent success has been surrounded by its eCommerce site.

New Market Wiz

This particular website was designed to keep customers' with little or no knowledage of the market, up to date with current trends. They received weekly newseltters with tips and tricks of the trade.

Body Exchange of Long Island

The Body Exchange site was developed for Personal Trainer, Shawn Jones. His site is a community site aimed to help people get fit in the comfort of their own home. The site design was designed using Drupal content management system.

Body Exchange was in need of a new identity as well, I chose a simple sleek design that was eye catching and could easily be used for all business marketing needs as well as clothing.
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Elite Soccer Camp

A simple clean site designed specifically for parents and team members to keep them up to date on training schedules, location, photos and coach profiles.

  • Elite Soccer Camp Home
  • Elite Soccer Camp Training Schedule

I came in mid way through the re-design of the Fortunoff website. I took care of the image editing, homepage designs, e-mail designs and link exchange banners.

  • Fortunoff

Shock the World Art

Shock the World Art is a website of artwork brought to life by my clients ideas. We hired freelance illustrators to design his ideas which are now sold as tshirts and posters.

I designed and developed the website and eCommerce store featured on Cafepress. All SEO, direct mail marketing, email marketing are handled by me. All creative is directed and communicated by myself to the illustrators working for STWP.

  • Shock the World Art
  • Persephone

Find Punk Shows

A personal project listing all Punk Show Tours and information on the latest punk bands. Developed using wordpress.

  • Find Punk Shows

Burke Heffner
"Things to Look at"

One of my favorite jobs is working with Photographer, Burke Heffner. His Pin-Up style of photography is always a lot of fun to work with. I worked on two spreads for the "Mistresses of George W. Bush" calendar, Miss October and Miss November. I've also created some poster and email marketing for his Valentine's Day Special and Wedding Photography.

  • Burke Heffner Miss October
  • Burke Heffner Miss November
  • Burke Heffner Valentine's Day

well + good
A health, beauty, fitness, and well-being website

Design their monthly promotional banners

  • Burke Heffner Miss October
  • Burke Heffner Miss November
  • Burke Heffner Valentine's Day